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WELCOME to HYPHEN Store an Independent Business Owner of Farmasi products and services. Explore our premium Makeup, Cosmetics, and Skin Care products collections; meeting the highest standards of excellence, guaranteeing the highest satisfaction levels, quality and the best prices.

Farmasi is an international beauty and personal care manufacturer, retailer and direct selling company in Beauty, Personal Care, Households and Wellness, and accessories product categories. Long ago, Farmasi started a journey as a pharmaceutical manufacturer back in 1950’s with the founder, Dr. Tuna, but as time passed our business evolved into cosmetics manufacturing.

Farmasi is a state-of-the-art manufacturing company. Farmasi has one of the largest integrated cosmetics manufacturing plants in the world which is located in Istanbul, Turkey in an ecological environment. Integrated manufacturing means that, not only produce the bulk product, but also product most of our own packaging in-house, obtaining the waters from the wells located within their own facilities; surrounded by beautiful green environment. Up to date, Farmasi has formulated thousands of products, launched more than 2.000 products, and shipped products to over 125 countries all around the world.

Animal Policy

Farmasi is a strong supporter of animal rights and ethical treatment to animals; using alternative methods to test our products such as clinical tests, and modeling. We assure that none of products are being tested on animals by Farmasi.